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Pre-deployment Training
We help civilians, police and military personnel designated for operation deployment, to be fully prepared for the environment in which they will serve, including skills necessary to address natural and man-made hazards/risks. 

Our turn-key solution includes:

  • How to deal with scenarios a Canadian might face in a foreign culture, environment and country
  • Calian has the expertise to provide the full range of individual training that will comprehensively prepare personnel to effectively execute their tasks in the most demanding of operational environments

Contract examples include:

  • RCAF Deployment Readiness Training Exemplar
    Since 2011, Calian has provided deployment readiness training for officers and non-commissioned members of the Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Canadian Army Operations Course Exemplar
    For almost 20 years, Calian has supported the Canadian Army Command and Staff College as they trained hundreds of officers and non-commissioned members in the skills they will need during operational deployment

Preparation and Operational Validation Training
We help Canadian Forces, NATO, UN and African Union military headquarters personnel to prepare for mission-specific operational deployments.

Working in direct support of military training authorities, Calian routinely develops and executes training and exercise programs that effectively bring unit and formation headquarters to high-readiness status. These programs are progressive in nature and provide tangible and objective assessment of each level of collective skill required by headquarters as they move into high-readiness status.

Calian's high-readiness training and exercise programs routinely form the basis for "follow-on" mission-specific activities that fully prepare and validate headquarters for operational deployment.


Information Systems Security Training
We help companies and government departments ensure that their information security team stays current or new members are sufficiently trained to protect corporate information systems.

Our turn-key solution includes a combination of applied security projects with immediate applications, practical on-line and in-class activities, intense self-study, collaborative team projects, interactive case studies, as well as on-line learning tools to help students to apply newly gained knowledge to promote system security. Timely instructor feedback is built into the program with on-line access to the instructor.

Contract Examples:

  • Calian developed the Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) courseware currently used to train Canadian Forces personnel
  • Calian developed and is delivering the Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) program for Algonquin College’s Corporate Training Facility
  • Trained 300 ISSOs for the Department of National Defence since 2000


Leadership Development Training
We help companies and governments to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to face their leadership challenges under a wide range of situations up to the most complex scenarios and help companies transfer knowledge from retiring personnel to new generations of leaders.

Our solutions include:

  • Custom designed and scalable exercises
  • Scenarios ranging from small group discussions to multi-national, multi-agency complex exercises
  • Mentors to accompany and guide participants during courses and exercises

Contract Examples:

  • Canadian Forces College
    At the Canadian Forces College, our exceptional mentors guide DND senior officers and civilians as they prepare for tomorrow`s challenges, playing a fundamental role in their education.
  • Canadian Forces Non-Commissioned Members Leadership Academy
    At the Canadian Forces Non-Commissioned Members Leadership Academy, our employees are designing the next generation of courses that will prepare Non-Commission Officers for senior leadership roles within the Department of National Defence.


Military Vehicle and Aircraft Maintenance Training
We help government and industry to design and deliver both military vehicle and aircraft maintenance training by increasing workplace skills, reducing on-the-job (OJT) training time/throughput and increasing student engagement through interactive eLearning/blended learning.

Our turn-key solutions include:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Training
    Calian has been instructing aircraft maintenance (avionics, structures, engines and military aircraft) since 2004 in support of the Department of National Defence. Our instructors are proven experts in aircraft maintenance
  • Vehicle Maintenance Training
    Calian has been instructing vehicle maintenance (gas and diesel engines, transmissions, suspensions, driver/operator maintenance, and military vehicles including modern tanks) since 2006 in support of the Department of National Defence schools and the National Maintenance contract


Vehicle Driver Training
We help organizations to train vehicle drivers to meet regulatory license requirements such as ambulances, buses, air brake equipped trucks, heavy equipment and armoured vehicles
Investing in the right driver training that can help to extend the life of your vehicle by incorporating basic inspection and maintenance training. Expected outcome is well-trained, accountable drivers with a sense of ownership and pride of the vehicle.

Our driver training solution includes:

  • Driver instruction on any wheeled vehicle (except tractor trailers)
  • Driver instruction on armoured vehicle
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • Safe Backing Course
  • Ground guide training (by day and night)
  • Trailer Hauling (less 18 wheel trailers)
  • Remedial Driver Training
  • Progressive Driver Training
  • Driver maintenance
  • Morning, halt and final vehicle inspection
  • Accident and maintenance reporting

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