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  • SAP Implementation

SAP implementation can be challenging, complex, and draining on your organization’s resources. Calian brings the knowledge, expertise, and experience to ensure that the implementation achieves its objectives on time and on budget. Calian provides the necessary support when upgrading between SAP versions by taking on the periodic software requirements, allowing you to focus on the ongoing operation and support.

  • SAP Customization

SAP is a complex Enterprise solution that often requires customization and configuration in order to meet your organization's needs. Calian brings both the Functional and Technical expertise to support your organization, ensuring that the end state is well documented, meets industry standards and your organizations goals. Within SAP environments the amount of customization versus standard configuration is a balancing act between meeting the organization's requirements, operational and support efforts and cost.  Let Calian help you meet this challenge and achieve the right balance.

  • SAP Cloud Migration

The SAP Enterprise offering is moving towards the Cloud and on-site SAP installations will begin to move towards more standard options involving configuration versus customization of code. If your organization is invested in a highly-customized SAP solution, now is the time to consider migrating to an “out of the box” SAP standard in order to ensure your future solution is “Cloud” ready.

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Functional Expertise

Our experts work with you to interpret business processes, write specifications and provide system configuration.  We are able to ensure that there is synergy between your business needs and the systems that support their execution. Learn more

Calian focuses primarily on two of SAP’s largest areas; Finance and Human Resources and has experience in assisting to maximize the implementation of each. Both services are delivered in the manner you choose – as part of a client-led team, a Calian-led team with client participation, or directly as a Calian-based team. We work with your functional experts to build, deploy and enhance your systems, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day operations and ongoing technical upgrades.

Finance: Calian has extensive experience in deploying, customizing and enhancing client SAP Finance implementations across all Finance modules and functions. 

Human Resources: Calian is well-versed in deploying, customizing and enhancing client SAP Human Resource (HR) implementations across all HR modules and functions. 



Technical Expertise

Calian can help you get the most of your SAP environments, whether it is programming in ABAP, administration in BASIS, deploying a HANA platform or working with SAP Business Objects BI.
Our offerings include both the traditional on premise customized as well as the current day Cloud SAP offerings where customization is replaced with configuration. In the latter, we can assist in the transition using an on premise, cloud or hybrid environment. Contact us today



For many enterprises with SAP, on premise custom solutions ABAP/BASIS remains an important part of enhancing and maintaining the operational effectiveness of those solutions. Calian provides ABAP and BAIS administration expertise to allow clients to customize their SAP experience while maintaining their existing custom solutions through the SAP new release process, as well as to ensure that solutions are managed in a manner that maximizes your SAP solution efficiencies and productivity.


  • Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI)

By leveraging your data into Business Intelligence, this allows you to target your business efforts in a manner that maximizes your competitiveness. We can assist you in deploying a SAP BI solution that allows you to access your operational data in a manner that makes it accessible and useful in supporting your business decisions.


  • HANA

Calian provides HANA expertise to lead the planning, design, implementation and support of SAP HANA-based solutions. HANA is quickly becoming the preferred SAP platform and is projected to increase in the near future.  Calian has experience implementing HANA with Public and Private sector clients, effortlessly transitioning you from your current platform.


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