Cyber Services

We bring value to our clients through customized solutions that combine market-leading technology, proven expertise, and a proven resilience business model. Based on a strategic and systematic approach, we help clients prepare, prevent, respond and recover for and from cyber security breaches.



Start with understanding your organizational capabilities in the event of a breach by:
  • analyzing current plans, policies, procedures and playbooks
  • planning to resolve immediate gaps
  • training to reinforce & validate procedures
  • assessing and understanding hazards, vulnerabilities or risks


Prevention is focused on reducing the noise and eliminating the known exposures by:
  • instilling broad security awareness
  • implementing best tools and best practices
  • optimizing configuration, vulnerability & access management
  • detecting advanced threats & threat intelligence
  • protecting from data loss & insider threat protection
  • implementing endpoint integrity & protection


Response is focused on mitigating the impact of a breach and ensuring business continuity including:
  • understanding the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved
  • establishing clear command or decision-making structure
  • identifying and remediating causes
  • determining effective communication plans for internal and external audiences


Recovery is focused on getting the business back to normal as fast as possible and figuring out how to be better prepared for subsequent events including:
  • understanding the timeline of events or finding root cause
  • rebuilding affected systems
  • identifying success or process gaps
  • creating strategic or tactical plans for continuous improvement

Security Consulting

Our consulting and professional services are designed to assist our clients with creating the security posture required to increase business resilience and to meet all of their business needs. Whether its assessing your current environment, designing a new environment, meeting compliance requirements or migrating to the cloud, Calian can support its clients throughout the process.


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Our services include:
  • Security Assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Product Implementation and Integration
  • Technology roadmap
  • Firewall / Unified Threat Management (UTM) health checks, policy review and remediation
  • Custom implementation and analysis services
  • Policy review and development
  • Maintenance and procedural documentation
  • Knowledge transfer / mentoring and customized training classes


Managed Security Services

Keeping up with IT security is no small task. It requires vigilant dedication to ensure your business is secure. We are available to act as an extension of your team, bringing our specialized skills and knowledge of IT security.

  • with 24x7x365 monitoring of your environment
  • to identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats
  • to allow you to focus on your core business


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Managed Security Services

Cloud Services


Cloud Services

Organizations are transitioning to cloud services and applications. Our team of expert consultants can help you assess your environment and advise what security precautions you should take into consideration before moving your data to the cloud.

It is no longer about protecting your perimeter, it is about how you protect your data - in the cloud, or wherever it exists. Data and information needs to be protected at all stages: creation, storage and in transit.

We can help to identify and integrate solutions to meet your privacy, security, compliance and operational requirements.


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Incident Response

Incident response is focused on mitigating the impact of a breach and ensuring business continuity. This involves:

  • understanding the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved
  • knowing the command or decision-making structure
  • identifying and remediating causes
  • establishing effective communications plans -- internal and external


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Incident Response

Risk and Compliance


Risk and Compliance

Technologies from this area assist with security and compliance processes from auditing to reporting.

Areas of coverage include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management
  • Patch Management / Compliance
  • PCI compliance / Remediation
  • Integrity monitoring
  • Configuration control


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Training Services

With over 90% of all successful security attacks focussed on the end-users, education and training has never been more important. Calian offers both User Awareness Training and Testing as well as technical, leader-led Product Training. Calian accommodates your needs, we can organize your training onsite or at Calian’s training facilities.

People are an organization's biggest
strength and largest weakness.

Awareness Training

  • Hosted, SaaS offering with flexible sizing and content to meet the needs of any organization
  • Self-managed or fully managed options
  • Full Phishing, Vishing, USB drop simulation testing

Product Specific Training

  • On-site knowledge transfer / mentoring (in your environment)
  • Review / update / refresh sessions
  • Custom course development


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Instructor-Led Courses

Calian is the authorized training provider of the following Forcepoint courses:

  • Forcepoint Sidewinder Firewall Administration
  • Forcepoint Stonesoft NGFW Administration

If you are interested in a McAfee technology related course, please contact us for further details.



Rapid response and case resolution
24x7, 365 days a year with our
focus on your specific environment

Addressing security issues such as Malware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requires more than just a technological response to the problem at hand. Our approach is to work closely with you to define the problem, develop a strategy, and assist you in executing this plan; all with the simple end goal of finding solutions to complement your IT security challenges.

We realize that many organizations demand that security be an integrated part of their business. That integration requires that we take into account critical components and systems, such as the overall strategic business plan, management and operations of systems and, of course, the defense and control of the systems that our clients rely on every day. We believe our greatest success is in assisting our clients with aligning technologies and solutions with their security program, resulting in a stronger, safer, and more resilient business.

Features and benefits of choosing Calian Cyber Resilience Office as your support provider

  • Single point of contact for all security issues and technologies
  • On-site experience by our consultant support engineers.
  • Thousands of customer network security incidents resolved
  • Support in both official languages
  • Expert advice on IT security matters


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