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We bring value to our clients through customized solutions that combine market-leading technology, proven expertise, and a proven resilience business model. Based on a strategic and systematic approach, we help clients prepare, prevent, respond and recover for and from cyber security breaches.



Start with understanding your organizational capabilities in the event of a breach by:
  • analyzing current plans, policies, procedures and playbooks
  • planning to resolve immediate gaps
  • training to reinforce & validate procedures
  • assessing and understanding hazards, vulnerabilities or risks


Prevention is focused on reducing the noise and eliminating the known exposures by:
  • instilling broad security awareness
  • implementing best tools and best practices
  • optimizing configuration, vulnerability & access management
  • detecting advanced threats & threat intelligence
  • protecting from data loss & insider threat protection
  • implementing endpoint integrity & protection


Response is focused on mitigating the impact of a breach and ensuring business continuity including:
  • understanding the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved
  • establishing clear command or decision-making structure
  • identifying and remediating causes
  • determining effective communication plans for internal and external audiences


Recovery is focused on getting the business back to normal as fast as possible and figuring out how to be better prepared for subsequent events including:
  • understanding the timeline of events or finding root cause
  • rebuilding affected systems
  • identifying success or process gaps
  • creating strategic or tactical plans for continuous improvement

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