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Pre-employment Medical

Calian performs pre-employment medical exams and health assessments on prospective employees, allowing you to hire the best candidates for the job.



Pulmonary Function Testing

Assess the effectiveness of your employees' respirators against toxic airborne substances and identify pre-existing medical conditions. By analyzing your employees' lung functioning, Calian can help determine how well you are managing airborne hazards and provide recommendations. Pulmonary Lung Functioning (PFT) or spirometry testing measures how well the lungs inhale and exhale air, as well as assessing the all-around lung health and functioning. 

Calian's PFT testing includes:

  • Taking employees' vitals
  • A comprehensive medical history, looking for any past exposures or health issues
  • Breathing exercises to determine current lung function status, checking for recent exposure or symptoms. 


Audiometric Testing

Audiometric testing assesses a person's ability to hear tones at various frequencies and decibels. This helps prevent hearing loss by assessing the effectiveness of hearing protection and noise exposure programs. Calian's audiogram testing includes a comprehensive noise exposure history from both occupational and non-occupational exposures. 
Calian's comprehensive audiogram testing includes:

  • Certified technicians and nurses use an otoscope to physically examine the ear internally.
  • If everything appears normal the client is placed in a hearing booth where we continue the hearing test using an audiometer.
  • An on-staff Audiologist reviews noise history and medical information to determine testing status and provide referrals as needed. 



Respirator Fitting

All employees required to use a respirator must undergo a fit test with the same make, model, style and size of respirator that he/she will be using in the workplace. 
Calian offers both types of respirator fittings: 

  • Qualitative fitting (QLFT): A pass or fail test to assess respirator fit based on the employee's response to a testing agent. 
  • Quantitative fitting (QNFT): Assesses respirator fit by measuring leakage into the respirator (fit factor). 
    Fit factor is a quantitative estimate of the fit of a respirator to a specific individual. It estimates the ratio of the contaminant concentration in the air to the concentration inside the respirator. 



Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Breath Alcohol Test
    Legally defensible in court, breath alcohol testing protects both the employer and employees' rights. Calian's health professionals use evidentiary breath-testing devices to measure the level of alcohol in an individual's breath content. This is the preferred method of testing for alcohol, as saliva alcohol and urine alcohol (ethanol) testing do not stand up in court.

    Calian provides two types of Breath Alcohol testing:

    • Screening: confirms if a person has alcohol in the system. If the breath alcohol content is above 0.020 you are required to complete a confirmation test. 
    • ​​​​​​Confirmation: confirms the exact alcohol content after an initial screening test. The sample is considered a negative according to the Canadian Model (COAA) if it is below 0.040.
  • Labratory Confirmations
    This is the most accurate form of testing. The sample is collected at a collection site, and sent off to the laboratory for complete testing. 

  • Oral Fluids Tests
    Calian offers two types of oral fluids tests, providing you with the results you need, when you need them. 

    • POCT Point of collection testing (Express testing): Instant test results. Many companies use POCT testing in conjunction with having the sample sent to the lab for confirmation testing. This lab confirmation is done regardless of the initial screening result. POCT Oral fluid tests are not FDA approved. 

    • Oral Fluid Laboratory testing: The most accurate and reliable form of testing oral fluid. The Canadian Model recognizes oral fluid testing for reasonable cause and post-incident testing. Our testing follows the recommended cut off levels from the Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

  • Urine Tests
    Urine drug testing is the most commonly used form of testing in occupational testing in North America. Highly accurate and reliable, urine drug testing is consistently upheld in court when required. 

    • POCT - Point of collection testing (Express testing): Get results quickly. Results are visually read off the testing panel for a quick turnaround, allowing you to return to business quickly. Laboratory confirmation is required for any non-negative POCT test. 

    • Non-DOT urine laboratory testing: Laboratory testing is the most accurate form of urine testing. Samples are collected on-site and sent off to the laboratory for complete testing.

Our testing is recognized by:

  • The Department of Transportation (DOT)

  • The Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) Canadian Model

For both types of urine testing we offer:

  • Standard 5 Panel
  • Standard 12 Panel
  • Extended opiates (as requested)



Silica Protocol

Calian completes a baseline assessment in order to monitor employees' health status when working around harmful substances or in hazardous conditions.

Baseline assessments include:

  • Short medical
  • History-taking of risk factors
  • Chest x-ray
  • Spirometry testing



Periodic RN Medicals

Calian performs periodic medical exams and health assessments to ensure the long-term health of your employees, especially following exposure to potentially harmful substances while in hazardous working conditions.

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