Project Risk Manager


  • Instant access to other risk records. 
    Log by Risk Item
    • Significant Events
    • Risk Mitigation Plans
    • Contingency Plans
  • Prioritize Risk Items
    • by project and/or
    • by subproject
  • Summarize and Prioritize Risk Items
    • at the project (or organizational) level and
    • at lower levels
    • Rating based on a fully customizable weighting scheme
  • Instant access to graphs and trends
    Trend Data by project and by Risk Item
    Time Scale selectable
    • by 1,3,6,9, and 12 months
    • by full data range
  • High Medium and Low risks
    • by total risks
    • by impact horizon
    • by performance/cost/schedule
  •  Template and custom queries
    • Filter by Form
    • Identify Significant Events
    • Identify overdue Mitigation Steps
    • Determine stale or otherwise poorly maintained Risk Items
    • Identify sparse mitigation plans and/or steps and/or contingency plans.
  • Detailed and summary reports
    • Selected and sorted as needed
    • Export to Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Set up project-wide defaults
  • Import records or defaults from main office
    • Allows connection to remote regions
    • Integration with customers, subcontractors, and suppliers

Multi - Level support

  • Default data is password protected to maintain organizational consistency amongst projects and subprojects
  • Project and Subproject level management and matrix management access
    • Users at the project level can oversee subproject risks with separate prioritization schema
    • Subprojects can work independently
    • Password protected at each level


  • Data can be shared on a network
  • Separate backend and default data files allow data to be shared with suppliers or remote locations


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