Engineering and Defence

We have been employing highly qualified engineers, scientists, technologists and a variety of support personnel in the following service streams:

  • Electronic Warfare (ECM and ESM)
  • Intruder Detection
  • Radar and Sonar
  • Underwater Weapons
  • Small Arms
  • Airworthiness and aeronautical engineering
  • Military vehicles such as armoured personnel carriers
  • Anti-Armour Missile Systems
  • Night Vision Systems
  • Long Range sensors
  • Armoured personnel carriers
  • Soldier systems such as Clothing, Protective equipment, Binoculars, Night Vision Goggles, Night Observation
  • Aircraft Systems such as CF18 Test Equipment, CF140 Systems and Helicopter Systems
  • Maritime helicopter project
  • Aurora upgrade project
  • Chemical Biological and Nuclear Detection

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