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Committed to Our Customers


Committed to Our Customers

Calian Nuclear is an ISO 9001 certified division of Calian. Calian Nuclear processes are rigorously audited by our clients, thus ensuring the highest level of quality control and customer satisfaction. 



Team of Experts

Calian employees have gained their experience by working with the highest level of clients. These range from nuclear power plant operators (Bruce Power, Ontario Power Generation, NB Power, Hydro Quebec), government organizations responsible for managing radiological activities (e.g., The IAEA, MEMAC, INTERPOL, National Defence, Health Canada, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, etc.) and private industry clients (NWMO, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and the CANDU Owner's Group).


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People, Our Biggest Strength

Calian maintains the highest level of expertise be ensuring the capabilities of its staff meet the demanding standards and needs of our exceptional clients. From junior staff working in Emergency Preparedness to Senior Professional Engineers with PhDs in Nuclear Engineering, Calian's staff can meet the demanding needs of our clients.


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20+ Years of Experience

Calian Nuclear has been providing the nuclear industry and emergency prepareness communities with exceptional service for over 20 years. 
For many years, Calian's team of experts have helped ensure the safety and security of Canada's nuclear infrastructure. Calian is a provider of choice to prepare Class I Nuclear Facilities to respond to high-consequence emergency events. Our team of experts have the experience and expertise to develop, facilitate, and coordinate the largest and most complex training events to help our clients meet their regulatory commitments. We are recognized for our unique ability to weave the training objectives of disparate organizations into complex and realistic scenarios that challenge participants' ability to respond effectively – resulting in world-class training in nuclear safety and security.


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