Medical and Health Clinics in Saskatchewan

  • Primacy Medical Centre

    137 King Street
    (inside the No Frills on the ground level)
    Estevan , SK, S4A 2T5 Canada
    Tel: Phone: 306-634-6444
    Fax: 306-634-9187
  • Moose Jaw Primacy Medical Clinic

    30 Thatcher Drive East
    (inside the Real Canadian Superstore)
    Moose Jaw , SK, S6H 7K8 Canada
    Tel: Phone: 306-693-4101
    Fax: 306-692-6533
  • Supermed Walk-In Clinic

    591-15 Street East
    (inside the Real Canadian Superstore on the ground level next to the Pharmacy)
    Prince Albert , SK, S6V 1G3 Canada
    Tel: Phone: 306-763-4808
    Fax: 306-764-0802
  • Prince of Wales Medical Clinic

    2055 Prince of Wales Drive
    (inside the Real Canadian Superstore on the ground level)
    Regina , SK, S4V 3A3 Canada
    Tel: Phone: 306-546-2005
    Fax: 306-546-4055
  • Rochdale Medical Clinic

    4450 Rochdale Boulevard
    (inside the Real Canadian Superstore beside Pharmacy and Optical departments)
    Regina , SK, S4X 4N9 Canada
    Tel: Phone: 306- 565-0181
  • Westend Walk-in Clinic

    411 Confederation Drive
    (inside the Real Canadian Superstore on the ground level)
    Saskatoon , SK, S7L 5C3 Canada
    Tel: Phone: 306-382-6333
    Fax: 306-382-6381
  • Greystone Medical Clinic

    2921 8 Street East
    (in the plaza beside the Real Canadian Superstore)
    Saskatoon , SK, S7H 0V4 Canada
    Tel: Phone: 306-373-3223
    Fax: 306-955-8802