Occupational Health Testing

Occupational Health Testing

From pre-employment medicals to mask fittings, Calian provides the occupational health services that your employees need to stay safe and healthy on the job.

Your job isn't easy. It can include working with harmful substances or in hazardous conditions, often in remote locations. Our Occupational Health specialists understand the challenges that you face.  This is why Calian Health offers quality occupational health services as part of our Health Program Delivery, benefiting the company and employees alike. 


Calian Health provides occupational health testing through partner clinics nation-wide, as well through our on-site and mobile clinics. Our occupational health professionals offer services when and where you need it, in remote areas and after hours. 


Calian Health also operates the Fort McKay Occupational Health Clinic, conveniently located in the Fort McKay Industrial Park on Hwy 63N in northern Alberta. 

Fort McKay Occupational Health Clinic is open  Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Calian's Occupational Health Testing services include:


Calian Health Services icon: Audiometric Testing  Audiometric Testing


Audiometric testing assesses a person's ability to hear tones at various frequencies and decibels. This helps prevent hearing loss by assessing the effectiveness of hearing protection and noise exposure programs. 


Calian's audiogram testing includes a comprehensive noise exposure history from both occupational and non-occupational exposures. 


Calian's comprehensive audiogram testing includes:

  1. Certified technicians and nurses use an otoscope to physically examine the ear internally.
  2. If everything appears normal the client is placed in a hearing booth where we continue the hearing test using an audiometer.
  3. An on-staff Audiologist reviews noise history and medical information to determine testing status and provide referrals as needed. 


Email us to book your Audiometric Testing Services: fortmckay@calianhealth.com


Calian Health Services icon: Lung Function Screening  Lung Functioning Screening

Assess the effectiveness of your employees' respirators against toxic airborne substances and identify pre-existing medical conditions. By analyzing your employees' lung functioning, Calian can help determine how well you are managing airborne hazards and provide recommendations. 


Pulmonary Lung Functioning (PFT) or spirometry testing measures how well the lungs inhale and exhale air, as well as assessing the all-around lung health and functioning. 


Calian's PFT testing includes:

  • Taking employees' vitals
  • A comprehensive medical history, looking for any past exposures or health issues
  • Breathing exercises to determine current lung function status, checking for recent exposure or symptoms. 


Email us to book your Lung Function Screening Services: fortmckay@calianhealth.com


Calian Health Services icon: Medical Testing  Medical Testing


Calian performs periodic medical exams and health assessments to ensure the long-term health of your employees, especially following exposure to potentially harmful substances while in hazardous working conditions. 


Email us to book your Medical Services: fortmckay@calianhealth.com


Calian Health Services icon: Pre-employment RN Medical   Pre-employment Medical


Calian performs pre-employment medical exams and health assessments on prospective employees, allowing you to hire the best candidates for the job.


Email us to book your Pre-employment RN Medical Service:fortmckay@calianhealth.com


Calian Health Services icon: Respirator Fitting  Respirator Fitting


All employees required to use a respirator must undergo a fit test with the same make, model, style and size of respirator that he/she will be using in the workplace. 


Calian offers both types of respirator fittings:


Qualitative fitting (QLFT)

QLFT is a pass or fail test to assess respirator fit based on the employee's response to a testing agent. 


Quantitative fitting (QNFT)

QNFT assesses respirator fit by measuring leakage into the respirator (fit factor). 

Fit factor is a quantitative estimate of the fit of a respirator to a specific individual. It estimates the ratio of the contaminant concentration in the air to the concentration inside the respirator. 


Email us to book your Respirator Fitting: fortmckay@calianhealth.com


Flexible Service Delivery


Calian Health Services icon: After Hours Testing  After Hours Testing


Calian provides after hours testing so that you don't need to stay up all night worrying about your employees. When other clinics close, we stay open to provide you with fast, reliable testing services. 


Book an appointment for yourself or an employee: fortmckay@calianhealth.com or call 1-780-828-4100



Calian Health Services icon: On-site / Mobile Testing  On-site / Mobile Testing


Sending multiple employees for testing off-site can be constly and inefficient. Whether you rrequire a short-term resident medical professional or a one-day medical testing clinic, Calian's flexible medical professional service provides Occupational Health Testing where and when you need them most. 


Book an appointment for yourself or an employee: fortmckay@calianhealth.com or call 780-828-4100


Fort McKay Occupational Health Clinic

Our occupational health professionals respond quickly to employees' needs and offer appropriate treatment in a clinic that is dedicated to occupational medicine. We are committed to keeping workers healthy and safe, giving them prompt medical care after an injury, and helping them remain productive and active during recovery. 


Located in the Fort McKay Industrial Park, in the heart of the oil sands, the Fort McKay Occupational Health Clinic provides the occupational health services listed above, and more. 

Open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00


Contact us to book an appointment or register your company. Call 780-828-4100 or email us at fortmckay@calianhealth.com

Find out more about the Fort McKay Clinic by downloading our brochure



For more information about Occupational Health Testing contact us at:

fortmckay@calianhealth.com or call 1-877-225-4264

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