Occupational Health Services

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From pre-employment assessments to on-site testing and injury management, Calian is your delivery partner in occupational health services.


Calian Health specializes in Contract Management and Workforce Management so that you can focus on your core business. With over 6 million patient visits per year and a network of 1500 physicians and allied health professionals across Canada, we are ready to serve your occupational health care needs. 


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Calian's Occupational Health Program Delivery


Our Health Program Delivery is based on a high standard of care that is consistent throughout Calian's health service network: through our on-site services, mobile clinics and our national network of over 170 health clinics. We recruit, hire and manage the health professionals you need to ensure a healthy, safe environment for your employees. 


Calian's Occupational Health Programs include:


Contract Management: 

Our professional contract managers ensure quality outcomes for our customers and on-site staff. We help our customers fulfill health care service requirements for long-term, short-term, cyclical or temporary health care services in order to 'right size' their health service workforce.


Workforce Management: 

Recruiting and the ongoing management of health professionals is a time consuming task. Calian is a proven leader in providing and managing skilled health care professionals for our customers. 


Integrated Electronic Medical Records:

 Ensure that your employees receive the follow-up care that they need. On-site treatment can easily be continued from one of our clinics thanks to our integrated electronic medical records. 


Metrics and Reports: 

Using anonymous data acquired through our integrated electronic medical records, we can provide you with health and injury analytics and statistics. Up-to-date data allows you to make important decisions regarding the health and safety of your employees. 


Calian provides and manages occupational health professionals for private and public organizations such as:

  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Shell Canada and other major oil sand producers
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Canadian Border Services Agency
  • Federal, Provincial and Municipal correctional institutions


Our health professionals have consistently been recognized for going above and beyond client's expectations. Our team leads work in tandem with our recruitment team to ensure that your employees receive the very best occupational health treatments available.