Injury Management and Specialty Services

Injury Management and Specialty Services

Calian provides safe quality care when you need it most: on-site, after-hours or in our clinics.

Your employees' health is crucial to your company's productivity. Calian provides the services required to help manage injuries and everyday strains associated with the occupational workforce, making sure that your employees are properly taken care of.


Our Health Program Delivery provides both occupational and non-occupational health services. Non-occupational injuries and illnesses are just as important to employees as they can hinder an employee's ability to work if left untreated. Our trained and certified professionals ensure that your employees are physically and mentally capable of performing their tasks at all times. 


Proper injury management benefits your company and employees alike. Calian enables employees with a well-managed, safe and timely return to work following an injury or illness.  


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Calian's Injury Management and Speciality Services include:

Blood Draws icon  Blood Draws

Calian offers accessible and flexible hours for blood draws which can then be tested for numerous medical reasons. 


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Disability Management icon  Disability Management

Calian provides the specialized services and follow-ups required to determine whether an employee is capable of performing their work-related duties following an occupational or non-occupational injury.


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First Aid Services icon  First Aid Treatment Services

Calian provides both basic and advanced first aid services to employees suffering from work-related and non-work-related injuries or illnesses.  Their recovery depends on the initial treatment and the continuous, quality care that they receive.  Calian's First Aid Treatment Services are available through partner clinics nation-wide, as well as through our on-site and mobile clinics.

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Functional Capactiy Evaluations  Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE):

1 and 2 days

Calian provides comprehensive reports which objectively assess employees' return-to-work status, work site and work practice modifications, and suggest graduated return-to-work programs when necessary. 


Assessment activities include:

  • Lifting, pushing and pulling actions
  • Precision tasks and postural tolerances

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Injury Management icon  Injury Management

Calian provides short-term and long-term injury management, including first aid and the follow-up assessments required to determine whether an employee is capable of performing their duties following an injury.


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Job demands AnalysisJob Demands Analysis (JDA)

Calian performs pre-employment baseline medical exams and health assessments on prospective employees, allowing you to hire the best candidates for the job.


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Periodic RN Medicals icon  Periodic RN Medicals

Calian performs periodic medical exams and health assessments to ensure the long-term health of your employees, especially following exposure to potentially harmful substances while in hazardous working conditions.


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Physical Demands Assessment  Physical Demands Assessment (PDA)

Calian assesses employees' return-to-work status by measuring the physical factors associated with specific positions or job functions within their job scope. 


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Silica Protocol  Silica Protocol

Calian completes a baseline assessment in order to monitor employees' health status when working around harmful substances or in hazardous conditions.


Baseline assessments include:

  • Short medical
  • History-taking of risk factors
  • Chest x-ray
  • Spirometry testing


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Vaccinations iconVaccinations

Calian's Fort McKay Occupational Health Clinic offers a vaccine administration service to make sure that your employees are vaccinated in a timely fashion against hazardous work conditions. Travel vaccines are also available.


Vaccines include:

  • Twinrix
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B,
  • TD adsorbed


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