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Calian understands the complex nature of providing healthcare in remote and austere conditions. Our experience and commitment to providing high quality healthcare has proven that the challenge of remoteness of location and around-the-clock operations does not have to translate into lower level of care for your employees or contractors. We also know that Oil and Gas companies and contractors want to be seen as good corporate citizens and try to minimize the impact on the regional health system and health infrastructure. The culture of safety is strong in the Oil and Gas Sector and there is a strong desire to minimize non-occupational illness and injury to employees and contractors.

When considering potential healthcare providers for your employees we recommend you look past the glossy brochures and websites and ask some hard questions, such as:

  • Can I see the qualification certificates of the staff that will be providing your health care services?
  • Is your staff certified to conduct the testing you need?
  • Can I see the calibration results from your testing equipment and date of expiry of testing supplies?
  • Who is your MRO and is he a Certified MRO?
  • Can I see your Policies and Procedures manual?
  • Are the Policies and Procedure Manual's and any associated delegated acts signed off by a Medical Director?
  • When were the policies signed off last? 
  • Are you using state of the art up-to-date equipment?

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