Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing

We understand that tough working conditions require a clear mind. Calian provides the tests necessary to ensure that your employees operate in a safe environment.

Calian helps you to ensure your employees operate in a safe environment.  Drug and alcohol testing can reduce the risk of on-site accidents and help save lives. Your employees will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their environment and health are well looked after. 


As part of our Health Program Delivery, Calian offers drug and alcohol testing through our nation-wide network of Calian Health and Primacy Clinics as well as on-site and through our mobile clinics, making it easy for both you and your employees to access our health services. 


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Book an appointment for yourself or an employee: fortmckay@calianhealth.com or call 780-828-4100 



Calian's Drug and Alcohol Testing Services include:


Calian Health Services icon: Breath Alcohol Test  Breath Alcohol Test

Legally defensible in court, breath alcohol testing protects both the employer and employees' rights. Calian's health professionals use evidentiary breath-testing devices to measure the level of alcohol in an individual's breath content. This is the preferred method of testing for alcohol, as saliva alcohol and urine alcohol (ethanol) testing do not stand up in court. 


Calian provides two types of Breath Alcohol testing:

  • Screening confirms if a person has alcohol in the system. If the breath alcohol content is above 0.020 you are required to complete a confirmation test. 
  • The Confirmation test is to confirm the exact alcohol content after an initial screening test. The sample is considered a negative according to the Canadian Model (COAA) if it is below 0.040. 


Email us to book your Breath Alcohol Test: fortmckay@calianhealth.com


Calian Health Services icon: Laboratory Confirmations  Laboratory Confirmations

Laboratory testing is the most accurate form of testing. The sample is collected at a collection site, and sent off to the laboratory for complete testing. 


Email us to book your Laboratory Confirmations Services: fortmckay@calianhealth.com


Calian Health Services icon: Oral Fluids Tests  Oral Fluids Tests

Calian offers two types of oral fluids tests, providing you with the results you need, when you need them. 


POCT Point of collection testing (Express testing)


Instant test results. Many companies use POCT testing in conjunction with having the sample sent to the lab for confirmation testing. This lab confirmation is done regardless of the initial screening result. 

POCT Oral fluid tests are not FDA approved. 


Oral Fluid Laboratory testing

The most accurate and reliable form of testing oral fluid. The Canadian Model recognizes oral fluid testing for reasonable cause and post-incident testing. Our testing follows the recommended cut off levels from the Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


Email us to book your Oral Fluids Tests:  fortmckay@calianhealth.com


Calian Health Services icon: Urine Tests  Urine Tests

Urine drug testing is the most commonly used form of testing in occupational testing in North America. Highly accurate and reliable, urine drug testing is consistently upheld in court when required. 


POCT - Point of collection testing (Express testing)

Get results quickly. Results are visually read off the testing panel for a quick turnaround, allowing you to return to business quickly. Laboratory confirmation is required for any non-negative POCT test. 


Non-DOT urine laboratory testing

Laboratory testing is the most accurate form of urine testing. Samples are collected on-site and sent off to the laboratory for complete testing. 

Our testing is recognized by:

  • The Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • The Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) Canadian Model. 


For both types of urine testing we offer:

  • Standard 5 Panel
  • Standard 12 Panel
  • Extended opiates (as requested)


Email us to book your Urine Tests: fortmckay@calianhealth.com


Flexible service delivery


Calian Health Services icon: After Hours Testing  After Hours Testing

Calian provides after hours testing so that you don't need to stay up all night worrying about your employees. When other clinics close, we stay open to provide you with fast, reliable testing services. 


Book an appointment for yourself or an employee: fortmckay@calianhealth.com or call 780-828-4100 


Calian Health Services icon: On-site Mobile Testing  On-site / Mobile Testing

Sending multiple employees for testing off-site can be costly and inefficient. Whether you require a short-term resident medical professional or a one-day medical testing clinic, Calian's flexible medical professional service provides Occupational Health Testing where and when you need it most. 


For more information on Drug and Alcohol Testing contact us at: fortmckay@calianhealth.com or call 1-877-225-4264


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