Calian's Systems Engineering Division Wins Multi-Million Dollar Contract With Thrane & Thrane

Friday, August 24, 2001

Calian's Systems Engineering Division Wins Multi-Million Dollar Contract With Thrane & Thrane

Kanata, Ontario, August 23, 2001  -  Calian (TSE.CTY) is pleased to announce that its Systems Engineering Division (SED) has been awarded a USD 14.5 million contract from Thrane & Thrane of Lyngby, Denmark.


Under the terms of the five-year contract, Calian's Systems Engineering Division will provide the Radio Frequency Subsystem (RFS) and the Global Resource Management (GRM) Subsystem, key components of the Radio Access Network to be provided by Thrane & Thrane to Inmarsat Ltd., a global satellite operator based in London, for its Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite system.

The RFS provides the transmission and reception of RF signals between the ground-based Satellite Access System and the new Inmarsat 4 satellites. Each of the four RF subsystems comprises a 13m antenna, RF equipment, power calibration equipment, and a monitor and control system. On-site installations of the first two RFS will be completed in 2002 with the remaining two systems being installed by the end of 2003.

The Global Resource Management (GRM) subsystem is a software management tool operating on redundant Linux computer platforms. Based on the global frequency plan for each ocean region, the GRM dynamically allocates channels to the earth stations in that region. On site installations of the four systems will begin in 2002 and be completed by July 2003.

Inmarsat's BGAN satellite system is expected to provide near global coverage of high-speed packet data and circuit switched telecommunications network services over its fourth generation satellite system to the world's landmasses. The network is intended to complement fixed terrestrial and cellular mobile networks while also enabling Inmarsat to expand its customer base within the maritime, aeronautical and land mobile sectors served by its existing second and third generation satellite systems.

From the user perspective, the BGAN system will offer services to and from a range of fixed and portable Inmarsat satellite terminals. Initial services are expected to include standard services such as voice and high-speed packet services such as email, Internet and LAN access at transmission rates up to 432 kilo bits per second.

Thrane & Thrane, established in 1981 and listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, provides a broad range of communication systems and services for use with Inmarsat's global satellite network for land, marine and aeronautical applications.

While SED has provided numerous systems and services to Inmarsat over the past 20 years, this contract marks the first time SED has worked with Thrane & Thrane, according to Ray Basler, President of the Systems Engineering Division. "We are extremely pleased to add Thrane & Thrane to our growing list of customers who are the pre-eminent companies in the global satellite industry," said Basler. Calian's Systems Engineering Division is known for its expertise in RF and test systems that it has supplied to satellite manufacturers, operators and service providers worldwide for over 35 years.

Calian's Systems Engineering Division's mission is to provide the satellite industry with the rapid delivery of dependable, flexible systems and services that fully satisfy customers' needs in testing, operating and managing their satellite systems. The Systems Engineering Division product lines include In-orbit Test, Satellite Spectrum Monitoring, and Telemetry, Tracking and Command Systems, as well as Satellite Gateways, Network Management Systems and Up-link Stations. Customers include major satellite manufacturers, operators and service providers worldwide. Contract manufacturing services are provided to customers in North American markets.

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