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As a publicly traded, Canadian company, Calian has years of proven performance with public and private sector clients. Our financial strength, exception service and outstanding management capability, helps us to deliver excellence to our customers across Canada. Explore our Services

Committed to Our Customers

  • Focused on Customer Satisfaction.  Core to our corporate culture is our unceasing focus on delivering customer satisfaction. For this reason, Calian is proud to have many long-term customers. We attribute our success to our 'can do' attitude and our ability to adapt and change to meet the changing needs of our customers. We are driven by one simple fact: our success depends on the success of our customers.
  • Responsive. Our team knows that the best way to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction is to be responsive to your needs, ensuring that all elements of your contract are thoughtfully and expediently managed with care. Calian’s management team closely monitors customer feedback and are equally committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  • Professional. Calian is a proud Canadian company with demonstrated leadership in knowledge-based professional services, positioning the company for continued growth. Established in 1982, our history and continued profitability can be directly attributed to our unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.

Our People
We strive to provide a superior place to work and build a career – a place where our people are recognized as the best in their fields because we know that it’s our people that make the difference. Join our team

  • World Class Recruiting Experts and Mature HR Processes. We take the time to get to know our customers, understand their environment and the service requirements in order to deliver the most value to the project. The result is a strong track record of successful project completion without disruption. Calian’s world class recruiting team is focused on finding the right person with the right skill set. We understand that it’s more than just having the right credentials - it’s just as important to find the right person who will work well with the team.

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