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Guide to Ethical Business Practices

Calian Guide To Ethical Business Practices

Board of Directors and Committees


  • George Weber

Board of Directors

  • George Weber, ICD.D Consultant
  • Richard Vickers, FCA, Consultant
  • Ray Basler, CPA, CA Consultant
  • Jo-Anne Poirier, ICD.D, President and CEO, VON Canada
  • Young Park, ICD.D, Consultant
  • Kenneth Loeb, Executive Chairman, Ambassador Realty Inc.
  • Kevin Ford, President and CEO, Calian Group Ltd.


  • Jo-Anne Poirier (Chair)
  • George Weber
  • Jo-Anne Poirier
  • Young Park
  • Kenneth Loeb
  • Richard Vickers
  • Ray Basler

Audit Committee

  • Richard Vickers (Chair)
  • Kenneth Loeb
  • George Weber
  • Jo-Anne Poirier
  • Young Park
  • Ray Basler

Compensation Committee

  • George Weber (Chair)
  • Richard Vickers
  • Kenneth Loeb
  • Jo-Anne Poirier
  • Young Park
  • Ray Basler

Nominating Committee

  • Kenneth Loeb (Chair)
  • George Weber
  • Jo-Anne Poirier

Our Statements

Insider Reports

Insiders of Calian are required to report any change in their beneficial ownership of Calian shares with the Canadian Securities Commission within 10 days of each transaction.

SEDI (System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders) was established by the applicable securities regulatory authorities in Canada in order to facilitate the filing and public dissemination of insider reports in an electronic format via Internet.

Under normal circumstances, the disclosure of this information on the SEDI website is posted promptly following the filing of each Insider Report.

You may access SEDI's website at

Our Mandates

Role of the Chairman of the Board of Directors


Nominating Committee Mandate


Governance Committee Mandate


Compensation Committee Mandate


Audit Committee Mandate



Interim CFO Certificate Full 2020 Q1

Annual CFO Certificate Full 2019

Interim CEO Certificate Full 2020 Q1

Annual CEO Certificate Full 2019

Annual Information Form

Calian 2020 AIF

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation Calian Group

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