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The SatService Antenna Control Unit sat-nms ACU2-19V2 provides an excellent field replacement for the discontinued ACU 7200 from GD Satcom.

Compatible with the SatService sat-nms MNC and the Calian Mon-A-Co monitor and control systems, the sat-nms ACU2-19V2 has a web-based user interface along with other standardized interfaces, making it simple to integrate into existing satcom antenna monitor and control infrastructure.

To be even more universal, the sat-nms ACU2-19V2 provides three different angular encoder interfaces:

  • Analogue resolver
  • Optical encoder with SSI interface
  • Analogue DC interface for potentiometer

This allows adapting the SatService ACU to antennas from different manufacturers and model types easily.

With improved SatService specific firmware capabilities and its effective user interface the sat-nms ACU21-19V provides an excellent means of upgrading antenna systems cost-effectively.

Download the white paper below to learn more, including installation procedures and support.

Calian SatService White Paper sat nms ACU2 19 V2 2021


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