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Calian was contracted by New Brunswick Power to support the development, design, planning, conduct and evaluation of Synergy Challenge 2018, a full-scale interoperability exercise held in October 2018. The exercise simulated a beyond design basis accident occurring at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station. In designing this exercise, Calian coordinated with more than 1,000 participants representing 35 organizations, at all levels of government. The purpose of the exercise was to challenge and validate the on-site and off-site nuclear emergency plans and interoperability of these organizations to effectively coordinate the response to, and early recovery from, a simulated nuclear emergency.

The event took place over two days and was the first of its kind to focus on both nuclear emergency response and recovery. Working with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Calian Emergency Management Solutions assessed the progression of possible radiation releases and determined whether appropriate measures were taken by operators, first responders, the municipality and the Province of New Brunswick. Alongside the CNSC, Calian reviewed potential offsite consequences and protective actions and procedures.

Exercises such as the one coordinated by Calian Emergency Management Solutions at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station ensure that cataclysmic events, such as a nuclear emergency, are handled appropriately, ensuring the safety of the surrounding environment and people.