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Calian was contracted to conduct the radiological component of the environmental risk assessment (ERA) for the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station. Bruce Power has been in operation since the 1970s and has become an integral part of the surrounding community. With such close proximity to communities and natural aquatic habitats, a thorough annual environmental risk assessment is vital to guarantee the safety of all life adjacent to the site.

This assessment identified potential human health and environmental risks as a result of historical and ongoing operations at the facility.

The radiation dose to humans and non-human biota was calculated based on the CSA N288.1 standard and international guidance.

Bruce Power conducted a rigorous predictive effects assessment based on planned future maintenance and changes to take place at the facility to extend its life. The study documented planned upgrades to the site and its potential radiological impacts as assessed by Calian to surrounding groundwater, air quality, geology, terrestrial and aquatic life.

Based on the ERA results, Calian developed risk-based recommendations for environmental monitoring. The risk assessment confirmed Bruce Power’s commitment to safety and the environment demonstrating no adverse impacts to the surrounding environment.