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The IT and Professional Services (ITPS) business at Calian helps global telecommunications companies maintain products that move exabytes of data daily. We help them meet their communications needs and stay abreast of demanding lifecycles. The ITPS team has significant information and communications technology (ICT) contracts supporting Ericsson Telecommunications, one of the largest manufacturers of voice and data communications equipment in the world.

Calian’s Advanced Technologies is an integral part of Ericsson’s development team for their 5G efforts on both application and firmware development. Calian provides a fully embedded team that works alongside the Ericsson team, providing additional bandwidth and flexibility to support their development efforts.

Calian is proud to work in partnership with Ericsson as they continue to evolve their powerful virtualized portfolio. As 5G is set to reach every populated region of Canada in some form by 2026, Calian is helping Ericsson empower the future with a stronger, more capable network.