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Calian is looking for four Supervisors to support our Client’s Stand Pipe and Bunker Waste Removal System (SBWRS) in Design, Fabrications, Testing, Training, and Coaching near Winnipeg, MB.


Standpipe and Bunker Waste Retrieval System (SBWRS) operations will consist of the operation of the Standpipe Headworks (SPH), Standpipe Waste Retrieval System (SWRS), the Bunker Waste Retrieval System (BWRS), and the Sorting and Conditioning Unit (SCU). This position will require full training and procedure compliance to operate within the WMA as well as obtaining and maintaining a class 2 security clearance.


This position will require travel to the Greater Toronto area in Ontario Canada to support the Development and Training of equipment being tested for commissioning.



Functions and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • This position will require the supervision of moving material, both Radiological and non-Radiological, within the Waste Management Area/ Protected Area (WMA/PA).
  • This position will require a high level of attention to detail and critical thinking.
  • System Supervisors will be required to qualify as a Control Room Supervisor (CRS) as well. All System Supervisors will rotate thru the CRS position during SBWRS normal operations.
  • Required to work in a Radiological Area(s) wear respiratory Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Required to troubleshoot equipment and offer resolution(s) via remote monitor(s).
  • Assist with preparing procedures, work plans, packages, hazard analysis, and route sheets.
  • Monitors work in progress and reports as required.
  • Required to follow procedures and lead fellow staff members in the execution of procedure performance.
  • Give pre-job briefs and post-job reviews of operational tasks.
  • Maintain conduct in the Control Center (CC) to minimize distractions to operators.
  • Stop work should a test deviation arises or criteria deviation occurs.
  • Provide coaching to staff as required.
  • Perform accurate and detailed shift turnovers, including shift logs (if applicable)
  • Ensure the procedures are marked up and observation details are noted.
  • Ensure the daily log is maintained.
  • Report the executive summary of daily activities to the management.
  • Approving time cards.
  • Participating in the employment cycle of their direct reports.
  • Maintains confidentiality in all matters



  • Graduation from an institute of technology or equivalent with a minimum of six years experience in industrial manufacturing and/or construction, including 5 years of supervisory experience in the nuclear industry.
  • Formal education in nuclear engineering/sciences/technology is an asset



  • Experienced in remotely operated machines and equipment in the nuclear industry
  • Must have a technical and mechanical background with preferred knowledge of scientific and remote operations.
  • 2-3 years of experience coaching and supervising a multi-disciplined team
  • Must have experience making educated and critical decisions within a complex work



  • The incumbent of the position must be in good physical and mental health to perform the duties of the position.
  • Must possess normal physical agility necessary to perform all aspects of the work that involves bending, lifting and mobility;
  • Must be capable of wearing and working in protective clothing and using equipment as
  • required;
  • Must be able to pass required security screening requirements
  • Must be able to work in a Radiologically contaminated environment with a possibility of airborne contamination.
  • Must be able to perform Shift work for an extended period of time.
  • Must be able to work outdoors in a variety of temperatures ranging from +30 degrees to -40 degrees Celsius
  • Must be able to Utilize remote cameras and monitors to determine the correct action to be taken
  • Must be versed and be able to use 3-way communication protocol for all critical instructions
  • Must feel no hesitation in deliberating with other SMEs
  • May be required to perform overtime.


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