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The Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics (CFSCE) is an individual training and education military unit located in Kingston, Ontario. It is responsible for training and educating members of the Communications and Electronics (C&E) Branch of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for employment in jobs across the military (Army, Air Force, Navy, & Joint). CFSCE is responsible for developing, delivering, and maintaining over ninety different technical courses.


The Intermediate Electronics Instructor will provide professional services to assist CFSCE) in designing, developing, delivering, evaluating and providing a range of training activities for the Canadian Forces.



  • Prepare work plans, schedules and progress reports summarizing work completed to date, planned work and the identification of any problems, risks, or impediments to successful task completion
  • Develop and maintain proficiency and currency with the knowledge, skills and competencies specified in Appendix 2 to Annex A of the contract in order to provide detailed explanations to students on the intended use, function, and underlying technology for the specific course
  • Identify background content, including identifying source material and reference items, such as books, periodicals, CD/DVD’s, and on-line media; that will contribute to the development of new and enhanced course content
  • Provide technical advice and guidance including identifying possible exercise scenarios, providing recommendations for knowledge tests, and defining, configuring, and testing network infrastructure required to conduct exercises
  • Developing or revising lesson plans, instructional material, and training aids
  • Developing or revising courseware based on input from the Project Authority
  • Deliver the training in accordance with the course Lesson Plan, using appropriate Adult Education techniques
  • Set up the classroom prior to the start of the scheduled start time
  • Provide administrative briefing to participants at the beginning of the course outlining location of fire exits, washrooms, restaurant facilities, lunchroom area, and course outline
  • Distribute attendance list to participants for their signature
  • Evaluate tests and/or assignments
  • Set-up the online environment in accordance with the training plan
  • Conduct or assist with lab and/or practical demonstrations which may be held indoors or outdoors
  • Provide input to Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) completion, validation, maintenance, and revision
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to the Project Authority as part of the lessons learned process including recommending changes to course curriculum, exam questions, or exam format
  • Deliverables may include but are not limited to diagrams, reports and documents dealing with the related subject matter content, Course Feedback Report, and related documents


Expected Equipment, Skills and Knowledge

Intermediate electronics instructors assigned to Performance Oriented Electronics Training (POET) are expected to have knowledge of the following:

  • Hardware:
    • LABVOLT test equipment (models differ from classroom to classroom)
    • Tecktronix Oscilloscope
    • Fluke 8010A digital multimeter
    • Fluke 79 III digital multimeter
    • Fluke 177 digital multimeter
    • Signal generator
    • Sears brand black and white television (Multi stage class)
    • ELMO (overhead projector)
  • Software:
    • Visio
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Word


Mandatory Requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of 60 training days within the last three years in Instructing in the identified subject area of the requirement as of the call-up request date or the resulting Request for Proposal closing date and time.
  • Must have a minimum of one year working experience in the identified subject area of the requirement as of the call-up request date or the resulting Request for Proposal closing date and time.
  • Achieved the rank of Sergeant or Warrant Officer.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in Instructing in the identified category.


Location and Hours of Work:

The work will be performed on-site at CFSCE in Kingston. Working hours at CFSCE can vary between 07:00 – 15:30 hours.


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