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We are seeking Driver Wheel Instructors to augment military run courses at CFB Borden. These Instructors will be on an as and when needed basis for 2 week training courses year round.


  • Provide training in accordance with the most current and approved QS, TP, and training package for the applicable vehicle type(s);

  • Assemble and prepare all suitable teaching materials and training aids required for instruction;

  • Maintain class discipline and refer problem students to the Course Manager;

  • Brief and ensure that students understand and respect all aspects of SMP vehicle safety procedures. Monitor students during training to ensure safety procedure compliance so as to prevent personnel injury and equipment damage;

  • Coordinate student daily training activities with the Course Manager;

  • Conduct and evaluate driver operator training performance;

  • Conduct problem-solving sessions (in-cab teaching);

  • Maintain Student Record Books;

  • Lead problem solving sessions;

  • Perform performance objective and enabling objective tests and re-tests on student as required;

  • Participate in Progress Review Boards upon request;

  • Prepare, sign, present, and discuss student weekly performance assessments;

  • Assist the Course Manager in the post-course wrap-up, including the completion of course and student documentation;

  • Ensure vehicles and equipment are properly maintained, cleaned and returned as per CTC School Standard Operating Procedures; and

  • Attend and successfully complete additional training as may be required from time to time to upgrade instructional skills and improve expertise. Such training must be organized and paid for by the Contractor.


A. Have completed the on-line Safe Driving Course (SDC) through the DND Defence learning Network. Contractor may request new resource logins through the Army Project Authority. This course is a prerequisite for instructors and must be completed prior to the course start. In the event that an instructor is replaced, the replacement person must be in possession of the proper qualifications

B. Meet the prerequisites and received training in accordance with the CF Transportation Manual, Volume 5, Mobile Support Equipment (MSE). Each vehicle type to be instructed will require annual minimum mileage or time currency factors as detailed in the Transportation Manual, Transportation Directive 554, Annex A – Driver Validation and Retesting Schedule. Where instructors do not currently meet minimum annual currency on a vehicle, the Contractor must provide details on how they intend to complete the currency training for the effected personnel;

C. Hold a valid provincial driver’s license applicable to the type of vehicle to be taught in accordance with CF Transportation Manual, Volume 5, MSE, and in accordance with applicable provincial regulations. Note that some provincial regulations may entail testing to permit instructors to operate multi-axle and/or heavy vehicles on provincial highways;

D. Hold a current driver’s abstract which must be provided when instructors are hired .The driver’s abstract must not contain any adverse comments including any entries which lead to suspension of a provincial driver’s license or any preventable accident, including both military and civilian driving, in the preceding three years;

E. Have successfully completed the 5 day Military Driver Trainer/Examiner course;

F. Have experience as driver trainers and instructional experience on a minimum of two (2) of the three (3) core SMP vehicles (LUVW, LSVW, and MLVW);

G. Have successfully completed a CF Trade Qualification Level 5B, DP2, or Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) or equivalent course. Personnel who are former Regular Force Mobile Support Equipment Operators, Master Occupational Code 935, may be employed as in-cab instructors for SMP with a minimum of CF Trade Qualification Level 5A;

H. Have experience with the military training system, including instructional experience in a military setting;

I. Have experience with Operator testing procedures (Drivers Road Test, form CF 1066 and Drivers Information Test (DIT));

J. Have experience with the theory and application of training, re-training and testing for basic drivers; and

K. Hold a current Standard First Aid and CPR certification(s).

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